What is PropTerest?

All Properties in One Place :) 

PropTerest is a Social Commerce platform for Properties. Connecting Buyers, Sellers, Property Developers, Real Estate Agents, Trades...etc. 

Listing properties on PropTerest is Free. You can use this social commerce platform to help your business grow. PropTerest connects businesses with thousands of potential customers everyday through its platform and Btab Network.

PropTerest is also a tool to help you Collect, Organise and Share all the beautiful properties you love. Property buyers use PropTerest to plan their purchase, check market value when selling their home, get ideas of what to do when buying or selling a home, get to know ways of making over a home from other users, find potential buyer and sellers and ........etc. 

What Can You Do with PropTerest?


Real Estate Companies /  Real Estate Agents

We want you to be famous. You have spent so much time and money building your website (& your brand), PropTerest helps you to connect potential customers even faster by directing them to your site. Therefore, the more properties you listed on PropTerest (is FREE), the higher the chances customer can find you. Having customers following you or your company is a valuable asset in the long run without having to keep finding for new customers.  


Plan a Home Purchase!

Amanda uses PropTerest to save properties she loves while browsing real estate websites and uses it to discuss with her husband in the evening for decision making process. This save her time to go into each individual real estate website again. Not only that, she re-pin properties she found on PropTerest too. 


Get to Know More!

Sue uses PropTerest to get home design ideas for her new home in Melbourne. In PropTerest, you can find thousands of homes with beautiful design. She saves home design, paint work, kitchen, furniture decoration and many more.


Building a House?

Kenneth uses PropTerest to save good building ideas he found on PropTerest. He also uses PropTerest to pin/save many good building ideas while browsing other websites. Most importantly, he was able to share all works needed to get done with trades companies - builders, plumbers, electrician, building product vendors....etc. 


Thanks for using PropTerest :)

  PropTerest is a Btab business 

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